Free Handy Mobile App

Our free mobile app enables you to manage your business and access tools straight from your phone.

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Integral platform

An integral free and easy to use booking and appointment management system. User may book their own appointments and have all the information they require at their fingertips. Services may manage all their appointments through the platform.

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Convenient search options

Use our search bar to look for services, browse them by categories or see which services are located nearby.

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Free statistical information

All services who receive at least 50 booking appointments that are requested and paid through the platform receive access to free statistical information to help them better use their resources.

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Our convenient geographic locations enable users and domicile services to find their way to their destination, whether it be the service location or the client’s house, in an easier and efficient manner.

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Seamless payment process

Easier, faster and more efficient payment method. Our payment process incorporates options for discount coupons, and to tip the service provider. Don’t waste valuable time with our platform, the payment process is simpler and quicker than ever.

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